Essence of Soul

Essence of Soul is more than just a website—it is a community and a movement.

Created by Nancy and Rose, the website is intended to be both educational and healing—healing for the individual, for groups, the Earth, and our Universe. A multitude of experiences are offered here—from a perspective that is both new and of the ages.

Times and interests have been shifting toward healing of the Inner and Outer Worlds. There is no one path towards this end, but rather there are many possible paths. The paths we choose to share are with Mindfulness and Meditation, as well as Spirituality and Metaphysics. With our Coaching, we would like to help you find your own path.

People have begun to be more interested in what is Within, rather than what they can ‘have.’ The mission of this website is to facilitate this shift and give all of us an opportunity to play an active part in it.

You needn’t be “experienced” in either the meditative or spiritual domain to be here—or you can be very experienced. There is much that everyone can glean from these pages.

Active involvement is wholeheartedly welcomed on all levels—from comments to contributions—for we are all teachers and we are all students. We hope you find your time spent here beneficial.

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What We Do

Learn About the Essence of Soul Website

Essence of Soul offers a variety of methods to help you find peace, relaxation and deeper meaning in life—both in solitary or group exploration. We offer you opportunities to learn or practice Mindfulness & Meditation techniques with our teaching and Guided Meditations. As more in-depth questions may arise, we also offer Coaching & Inspiration on a variety of themes. For those who are inclined, we delve into aspects of Spirituality & Metaphysics as well. Finally, we offer our insights, as well as a connection with our own humanity, as we share in Our Voices blog.

Meeting others who are on different paths can be illuminating and educational. We invite you to participate at your comfort level. Please explore our website to read about our Virtual and In-Person offerings. If  you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to email us at


Who We Are

Meet the People Behind Essence of Soul

Nancy and Rose, founders of Essence of Soul, have always had a keen interest in the benefits of meditation, and have complemented this work with their own paths in spirituality. While their paths to understanding may have been different, their individual life choices have landed them in a similar place of Unity and Oneness.


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