What We Do

Essence of Soul is more than just a website—it is a community and a movement.

Created by Nancy Baker, PhD, DMs and Rosalie (Rose) Bostick, MS2, the website is intended to be both educational and healing—healing for the individual, groups, the Earth, and our Universe. A multitude of experiences are offered here—from a perspective that is both new and of the ages.

Times and interests have been shifting toward the spiritual. People have begun to be more interested in what is Within, rather than what they can ‘have.’ The mission of this website is to facilitate this shift and give all of us an opportunity to play an active part in it. The same is true with Meditation—there is no one path that is the only path. Sharing can only help us find what we connect with even better, or learn and share with others.

You needn’t be “experienced” in either the meditative or spiritual realm to be here—or you can be very experienced. There is much that everyone can glean from these pages. If you have done Meditation or InWorld work, we hope that you are able to open to our experiences, connecting them to yours at a deep level.

Active involvement is wholeheartedly welcomed on all levels—from comments to contributions—for we are all teachers and we are all students. We hope you find your time spent here beneficial.

Our Offerings

Mindfulness & Meditation

Utilizing different mindfulness strategies, learn easy and powerful meditation techniques that work for you. Go beyond breath meditations to loving kindness and active meditations. Perfect for beginners, those intimidated by meditation, and long-time meditators.

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Coaching & Inspiration

As Coaches, we hope to help you unlock your potential, help to clear the rocks on your path, and increase your sense of peace and wellness. As part of that goal, we include Daily Inspirations. We find that they can set the tone for your day and we regularly will post them here to spark your interest.

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Spirituality & Metaphysics

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Our Voices

This is for Us. Meaning Rose, Nancy, and You. Be it, your favorite Daily Inspirations, something that is on your mind, a good book. Anything that Any of Us wants to share.

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