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As part of self-exploration, we are offering up to you, Daily Inspirations. Let our postings of inspiration open doors of creative thought, new ways of seeing, and wonder.

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We each have different focuses in our coaching. To choose a coach that fits your needs at any given time, we suggest that you read our bio’s, explore the webpage, and read our statements below.

Rose Coaching

My experience has taught me that it is not uncommon, during mediation, as one relaxes the hold our brain has on us, sometimes questions come up.  That is where I can be of help.  If questions are coming up for you during any given meditation session and you want more individualized meditation or mindfulness coaching, please contact me.  I am certified in Mindfulness Life Coaching and Integrative Wellness Life Coaching and would be happy to support you on your journey.

Nancy Coaching

I have a multifaceted background that I am able to morph into an engaging coaching experience. I meld the spiritual and non-spiritual into a coaching style that is solution focused and compassionate.

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