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Nancy Baker, PhD, DMs

Nancy Baker has Doctorates in both Psychology and Metaphysical Science. She is a Diplomate Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Spiritual Director, Reiki Master, Spiritual Alchemist, Celtic Shaman, and Unified Mindfulness Coach. Loving music, she became certified in Vibrational Sound Massage using Himalayan bowls, was well as playing all her metal and crystal bowls, bathing others in sound and vibrations.

It was at her farm in central Pennsylvania where Nancy learned to touch the Earth, to truly ‘see,’ and has never looked back. She expanded her interests to include delving deeply into meditation, using it as another way to find peace within the being.

Nancy will work with you to find out where your interests are, and offer you focus in your path towards greater well-being, spiritual growth, or stress reduction. If interested, she will be your Guide to the InWorld realms, walking with you through these realms, connecting deeply to the Other World energies of the Alchemists and Shamans.

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Rosalie (Rose) Bostick, MS2

Rosalie (Rose) Bostick has numerous coaching certifications in Meditation, Mindfulness, and Wellness Life Coaching. She has a Master of Science degree in Wildlands Ecology, a Master of Science in Education, and is an American Sailing Association Sailing Instructor. For many years she taught natural history and culture in the outdoors to all ages of the public. Rose has brought her professional skills in training meditation and healing growth into numerous venues including classrooms, meditation halls, and natural environments, including when sailing on the ocean.

Rose has always been an inward thinking, outdoors woman who has found deep healing and joy in natural environments, but who has also found herself living in some big city environments – New York City and the Los Angeles area — and loving the rich variety of people and culture. She has respectfully participated in many traditional Native American Sweat Lodges, and other aboriginal ceremonies. This eclectic background has informed and enriched Rose’s teaching style.

Rose will happily spend time with you to understand what your interests and questions are and offer guidance that will evolve to support your interests and wellness.