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Teaching and learning creates so many possibilities. Come join us!

We love to teach and explore what works best for you. Every individual is different and our goal is that we will work with you to optimize your learning. It is central to our teaching approach to take cues from your comments and questions, in order to customize a program for you. In this process you will acquire the skills to effectively choose your own techniques and strategies, which will greatly enhance your practice.

Mindfulness & Meditation Courses

Course #1

Rose will teach one mindfulness technique that can change your life. This is a five-session course during which you will come to appreciate more and more how your relationship to ‘you’ will deepen, become more peaceful, and more insightful.

Course #2

Wanna Feel GOOD?? Rose can teach you how! In this 5-session course, Rose will help you find happiness, joy, and humor in places you didn’t know existed.

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